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The S/J writings...

... of fictionalcandie and duva

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Presenting twenty questions with garderob.

1. Who are you?
fictionalcandie and/or duva, it depends on when you ask. (Really, it's a joint account.)

2. Why a joint account?
Because we luuuuurve each other. We luuuurve each other so much we got cyberhitched. See?

3. Yes, yes, but why another account?
It's for posting Harry Potter fanfiction focused on James Potter/Sirius Black.

4. .... what, like, slash?
Yeah. You got a problem with that?

5. Er, no.

6. Why not just post it under your own names, though? I mean, fictionalcandie even has that writing journal...
She does indeed, and we all love gailsauce very very much.

7. That doesn't answer the question.
You're right, it doesn't. But I felt like pimping. gailsauce gailsauce gailsauce, pimp pimp pimp.

8. .... right. To get back to my question, though...
Question? Oh, yeah. Well, you see, we happen to mod a little place called lilyandjames.

9. So?
So, as the name of that community might hint, it's not really focused on James/Sirius.

10. I'm not following.
The poor ickle members might be traumatised, okay?

11. That's dumb.
... okay, so maybe it started out as a fun thing where we had this secret code thing so that our friends wouldn't understand what we were talking about. Like strudel.

12. Bzuh?
Never mind, inside joke. The point is, we were undercover for a bit because it amused us and then we weren't anymore but we like having a joint account anyway.

13. Why?
So that the members of lilyandjames won't get shocked. I told you. This is more low-profile, targeting the right audience. (Really, we just luuuuurve each other.)

14. So who writes what?
You can usually tell by the username.

15. But it says garderob.
Ah, a remaint from the olden days when we were undercover! In that case, you can usually tell by the icon.

16. How do you mean?
The James one is duva, the Sirius one is fictionalcandie.

17. But it's the James/Sirius one.
Well then, guess. Or ask.

18. Fair enough. Now, what the hell does garderob mean and why do you use that name?.
It's Swedish (well, French, really, but who's being picky) for closet. As in, secret closet. Yeah, another of those inside jokes.

19. Who wrote this trippy user info, anyway? And, more importantly, why?
Blame duva for this. She got bored.

20. You do realise that half of these weren't questions, right?
Indeed. (She wasn't bored enough to actually make up 20 questions. Sorry.)